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Discover how we can help you to boost your business and
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About Us

We’re a New Zealand owned business based in Auckland focused on supporting business growth through developing communications and marketing strategies. We currently work with small to medium sized businesses providing Website Design, Telecommunications, Digital Marketing and Office 365 services.

Our Services

Website Design

Increase visibility & exposure of your products & services to potential customers by optimising user experience on your website.

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Digital Marketing

Increase revenue and brand awareness by communicating your brand & messages online to potential customers.

Office 365

Change the way you work & create a more productive environment through unified team communication & collaboration.

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Acquire the business essentials & discover a reliable communication service that will provide your business with peace of mind & potential market growth.

Charity Support

We believe in giving back to our community and we do this by providing support services and sponsorships to schools and charities. 

Go Biz Charities


We support people who work towards a good cause. We help fundraisers, education centres and charities. 

What Our Customers Say...

Fast & Reliable Support

We offer reliable services around communication systems for your team and customers. Gobiz is committed to offering high quality service and support and we do this without the pressure of signing long term contracts.

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