On April 12th 2019, GoBiz Limited purchased the assets, stocks and service contracts from Business Telecommunication Services Limited (BTS) and Next Level Business Solutions (NLB).

GoBiz is excited to have this opportunity to provide you with improved customer services and support through our professional, locally based team. Owners Justine and Graeme Ross have a long history of providing customer focused service through both GoBiz and their business computer services company Online IT. Meeting your telecommunication and IT needs, in a prompt and professional manner is our main objective.


Customer satisfaction is our focus. No issue is too big or too small for our Service team. If you need to contact us at any time, call GoBiz 24/7 local based helpdesk on 0800 111 805 Or visit our website

We appreciate that this change may raise questions or concerns, so if during this transition period, you would like to speak with Graeme Ross, our Managing Director, please email him on

We look forward to supporting you in all your telecommunication and IT needs.

In short nothing will change for you. All existing internet and phone services will carry on as they have been. All contact numbers for the business have transferred and will be answered by our friendly local team 24/7.

No much. Just ask your accounts team to change the company name to GoBiz and pay our bank account instead of BTS. Going forward ALL invoices – past and current need to be paid into the GoBiz account. Any question regarding this please just give our team a call. The new account for all payments is GoBiz Ltd ASB Bank 12-3233-0062433-00

All invoices after 12th April will be emailed directly by GoBiz Ltd

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